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A warm welcome to our company Digital Helix.

A new era has just begun. Data science [i.e. machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.] advances into healthcare with great strides. Despite incredible opportunities for both society and economy, we are facing substantial challenges that range from handling of data security & privacy to the development of new business models fit for a future data economy. We truly believe in sustainable Health AI innovation through bringing all stakeholders of the ecosystem together and promote collaboration through conversation. However, most often there is only a marginal overlap and shared understanding between Healthcare, Business, and Data Science players. Due to my background working as a medical doctor in multiple hospitals, as well as enjoying world-class education and year-long industry expertise in the fields of digital business and data science, my mission is to unite those three fields. This enables us to leverage an enlarged overlap of common understanding between Healthcare, Business and Data Science stakeholders to build sustainable Health AI solutions and products that help humankind in saving lives, prevent or early diagnose disease or manage chronic conditions better. I am very much looking forward to go on this journey together with you because we at Digital Helix care about people and providing value to society.

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Dr. Franz MJ Pfister, MD, MBA
CEO Digital Helix GmbH



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Digital Helix offers strategy, product and business development expertise in the application of digital and AI-driven technology for business and consumer applications with a strong focus on healthcare. We cover the whole development process from designing big data pipelines through to implementing digital solutions into the market or your organization. We are pleased to help you with your next project. Drop us a line.

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